Sture och Agda Sundgren

Sture and Agda Sundgren are Hans parents.

A man from Östergötland meets a woman from Ångermanland

Sture is born on the island Södra Finnö, in the middle of Sweden year 1921 while Agda is born 1925 in Högnäset, Västra Tåsjö in the north of Sweden.

Sture and Agda met each other in Stockholm 194X.

The photo is taken in the spring of 1951 between their engagement 3/3 and marriage 7/7.


Sture and Agda have 3 children; Birgit, Hans and Johan. There are also 5 grandchildren; Tobias, Klas, Jens, Emma and Mimmi.

Brothers and sisters

Agda had 2 brothers and many sisters

Sture had one brother Stig and one sister Mary.